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The procedure for visa cancellation when the employee refuses to sign the cancellation documents

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If your UAE employer refuses to sign the necessary paperwork to cancel your visa, you can still do so by following the steps below.

Make a request to the Labor Department by doing the following: If your employer refuses to sign the cancellation documents, you can file a request with the Labor Department. The division will request attendance at a meeting from both sides in an effort to mediate the conflict.

If the discussion does not result in an agreement, the Labour Department has two weeks to file the issue with the appropriate court. They will summarize the conflict, the parties’ respective arguments, and their own findings.

You can do the following while the case is pending:

The court issue a certificate stating that your labor case is currently pending. This certification is necessary for the next steps.

apply for a temporary work permit through the Ministry of Labor. Include the certificate issued by the court with your application. A six-month work permit issued by the Ministry is possible.

Get a visa extension from the Residency Department so you can avoid overstaying your welcome and paying a hefty charge. Give them the Ministry of Labor temporary work permit, the court authorisation letter, and any paperwork pertaining to the labor dispute.

An appeal can be filed if necessary.

you can file an appeal with the Court of First Instance (minor or major circuits) if the amount in dispute is more than AED 20,000. If the lawsuit is worth less than AED 200,000, you cannot appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision to the Court of Cassation.

Keep in mind that this is just a rough outline of the process; for the most accurate and up-to-date information, seek the advice of legal specialists or authorities versed in UAE labor regulations.

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