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Because of our years of practice in aviation law, we are well-versed in all parts of the sector, from the legal to the technical to the commercial. This allows us to address this difficult area of law from a perspective that is both novel and grounded in our sector.

Across the whole spectrum of the aviation industry, we serve clients from airlines to airports to trade groups to business jet charter services to component suppliers.

Our aviation law practice covers
  1. we offer legal counsel and representation for aviation finance and leasing transactions, such as the purchase, lease, and other agreements associated with aircraft. We help our customers structure their finance and negotiate the best possible conditions.
  2. we can help with operating lease agreements for regional airlines, seeing to it that all bases are covered legally and that our clients’ interests are safeguarded.
  3. we help clients negotiate and draft maintenance agreements between aircraft owners and operators, making sure they meet all industry standards and covering all bases in terms of obligations and liabilities associated with aircraft maintenance.
  4. Leasing Aircraft Engines: We can help with everything from creating lease agreements to handling the unique legal issues that arise in aircraft engine leasing.
  5. Aircraft Operator’s Agreements: We assist with the negotiation and writing of agreements between aircraft owners and operators, outlining the respective rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties.
  6. Our staff helps customers with the registration and deregistration of aircraft, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met and that all transactions go off without a hitch.
  7. Licensing: We advise customers on obtaining and maintaining the appropriate licenses for their aircraft firm and operators.
  8. Military Aspects: We are well-versed in the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction as they pertain to military aviation.
  9. Litigation and Arbitration: We resolve disputes involving aircraft damage, personal injury, cargo, and other aviation-related matters through litigation and arbitration. Cases in which we have assisted include the arrest and seizure of assets belonging to foreign airlines based in the United Arab Emirates, as well as claims involving the destruction of aircraft and claims concerning the collapse of wheel carriages.

Our firm’s expertise in aviation law allows us to serve the aviation industry as a whole, representing clients in a wide range of legal situations while attending to their individual concerns and looking out for their best interests.

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