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Rental Disputes

Landlord-tenant conflicts regarding rentals may transpire in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); such rental disputes are customarily regulated by the rental legislation and policies of the emirate where the rental property is situated.

General procedures for resolving rental disputes in the UAE are as follows
1.In-depth review of the lease agreement

Commence by conducting an in-depth review of the lease agreement in order to determine the terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed upon by all parties. This document shall form the fundamental basis for the resolution of the dispute.

2. Transparent Communication:

Make an effort to reconcile the matter amicably by engaging in transparent and open discussion with the opposing party. Explore potential solutions to the issue at hand, including modifying rental conditions or attending to maintenance considerations.


The utilization of mediation as an alternative method of resolving disputes is worth considering. Specialized institutions or committees exist in certain emirates to facilitate landlord-tenant mediation. This may be a more expedient and informal method of resolving conflicts.

4. Rental Dispute Centers

To manage rental disputes, a number of emirates in the United Arab Emirates have established Rental Dispute Centers or analogous entities. The purpose of these centers is to furnish a specialized platform for the resolution of disputes that may arise between lessees and lessors. To seek resolution, parties may submit a case with these centers.

5. Submit an application to the Rental Dispute Center:

When informal approaches prove ineffective and mediation fails to resolve the dispute, both parties have the option to initiate a legal proceeding with the appropriate Rental Dispute Center. Document submission, attendance at hearings, and the presentation of evidence in support of your case may be required.

6. Legal Representation

Although legal representation is not always required, it can be advantageous to consult with an attorney who specializes in UAE rental legislation. They can assist you in navigating the legal system and effectively presenting your case.

7. Judicial Proceedings

A dispute may be escalated to the civil courts if it cannot be resolved via the Rental Dispute Center. Court proceedings typically necessitate legal representation, and the court’s decision is predicated on the evidence that is presented.

8. The Implementation of Judgments

Obtaining enforcement of a judgment in your favor may require you to undertake certain actions. This may encompass eviction or other disciplinary actions specified in the court’s ruling.

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