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Legal faq

It will be executed with in a week from the day of judgement.

  • May be upto 6 months in prison
  • Minimum fine of AED 25,000
  • License may be suspended between 3 months to 2 year or lifetime

It has three steps

Receiving the offer letter 

Signing the contract

Getting the work visa.

and no time frame defined in the labour laws

if you stayed outside the UAE for more than 6 months Visa will be  cancelled automatically . But your employer can file a absconding case against you and there a chance that you will be banned. If you come back to UAE after this  you will be arrested at the airport.

It is a procedure done by a approved third-party to acknowledge the authenticity of a document.

You can file a complaint against the employer for the cancellation of  visa and apply your End of Service Benefits if you eligible.

You can appoint an lawyer with your  power of attorney. He/she can check with departments if there is any standing case against you. Otherwise you may a get arrested at the airport.

Three year imprisonment according to the UAE penal code.

Both the employee or employer can cancel the labour contract during probation period without any prior notice or reason.

There are three types of bans  in the UAE

Labour ban- duration is maximum 1 year

Permanent ban – lifetime ban

Immigration ban-lifetime ban

you  can file secret complaint against your company in Labor Ministry. They will not disclose your identity.

you have to visit immigration along with your new offer letter issued by the ministry of labor and NOC letter from your old company.

There is a lesser chance of  travel restrictions.

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