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The attorneys at 3A Legal are highly regarded in their fields, and they focus on representing clients in a wide range of employment law cases. Our consulting services are geared on assisting customers in understanding and complying with the myriad employment regulations governing their activities in the region.

We help foreign companies enter the UAE labor market by drafting employment agreements and memorandums of understanding. By learning the ins and outs of our clients’ operations, we’re better prepared to assist them in solving problems and meeting their unique requirements.

3A Legal has over two decades of experience advising clients on all facets of employment law, from contracts to employee incentives. Our commercial disputes team is ready to help clients with workplace issues because of its multidisciplinary training.

When it comes to employment law, 3A Legal places a premium on providing both strategic counsel and actionable solutions. To better serve our clients, we work directly with them to safeguard their interests, encourage compliance, and swiftly settle any issues that may occur.

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