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201/202, Al Hawai Tower,Financial Centre Metro Exit 2,Duabi,UAE


  • Our Banking and Finance legal services team at 3A Legal has vast experience with financial transactions in the MENA region. We are able to provide our clients with exceptional service because of the breadth and depth of our expertise.
  • We advise on a broad spectrum of banking and financial issues.
  • we make sure our clients are in accordance with all relevant financial regulations by advising them on the maze of rules and legislation that govern the financial sector.
  • Loans, credit facilities, debt issuances, and other financing arrangements are just some of the financial activities we help our clients with. Our goal is to develop deals and negotiate terms that help our clients achieve their goals.
  • When it comes to debt restructuring, asset recovery, and insolvency concerns, we offer our customers strategic counsel to help them overcome obstacles and find workable solutions.
  • We advise our clients on project structure and perform full due investigation when it comes to project finance. Our risk-aware strategy guarantees that our recommendations for our clients’ project finance endeavors will yield the finest possible results.

Our dedication to providing our clients with individualized and efficient solutions is based on the combination of our years of experience in the MENA region and our keen eye for detail. Our focus on the individual needs of our clients allows us to offer guidance that takes into account the intricate nature of the banking and financial system in this part of the world.

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