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With a focus on both domestic and international corporate law, 3A Legal Advisors provides a full range of legal advisory and support services for businesses. Because of our team’s depth of knowledge in corporation law, corporate governance, and investment transactions, we are able to help clients with a wide variety of intricate legal matters. Whether our clients require assistance with a simple business arrangement or a complex investment agreement, we are here to serve them with the highest quality legal services.

Our Corporate Law Specializations
  1. we assist businesses in reaching their full potential is by advising them on how to best structure their operations, both domestically and abroad.
  2. Capital Raising and Corporate Finance – We provide guidance on securities financing and other capital raising operations, as well as on corporate finance matters, to ensure that they are in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. we assist customers in navigating the legal complexities of mergers and acquisitions, both domestically and abroad, and in negotiating the most beneficial terms for their businesses.
  4. Helping clients raise funds through the sale of securities while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations is another service we offer.
  5. we offer legal counsel on investment papers, term sheets, stock option plans, and more for private equity, venture capital, and strategic investments.
  6. We help organizations set up reliable systems of compliance and best practices by providing advice on broad corporate concerns and corporate governance.
  7. we offer legal counsel on all matters pertaining to real estate investments, such as sales, purchases, leases, and more.
  8. To ensure our clients’ assets are protected and managed in accordance with their intentions, we offer assistance with estate planning and trust structuring as part of our eight service offerings.
  9. We offer legal counsel for international merchandising transactions, commercial representation agreements, and associated contractual matters.

Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property and technology license agreements, loan agreements, and more are just some of the contractual structures for which we provide legal counsel and document preparation services.

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors, including finance, industry, construction, retail, franchising, VC firms, and Internet startups. We are dedicated to helping our business customers succeed and providing them with excellent legal services.

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