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Real Estate

Our team is prepared to manage any real estate situation, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of real estate rules and years of experience working in the MENA region. Among the many things we offer, you can find:

  1.  We help both landlords and tenants by preparing and revising rental agreements to make sure that the terms and conditions are reasonable and in accordance with local regulations.
  2. we provide mediation, arbitration, and litigation services to assist clients in resolving issues arising from rental agreements.
  3. We advise our customers on how to stay in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to their real estate activities.
  4. We advise and represent customers in real estate financing and investment negotiations, as well as in transactions involving investors and banks.

We serve a wide range of clients, including corporations, shops, banks, hotels, property management firms, individuals, and government agencies. To help them overcome the specific real estate issues they face, we offer individualized legal counsel.

We provide effective and dependable legal support to our customers in the real estate market by drawing on our extensive knowledge of MENA real estate rules and our years of experience in the field.

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