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Maritime law, which regulates the actions of ships, sailors, and other watercraft, is a nuanced and essential aspect of the legal framework in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has some of the busiest harbors in the world because of the importance of its import and export trade and the widespread use of maritime transit and commerce worldwide. Because of its strategic location, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an integral part of global shipping, commerce, and other maritime endeavors.

Our legal practice so fully appreciates the significance of maritime law. When it comes to resolving marine disputes and writing a wide range of naval contracts, our Admiralty law department is second to none. We’re dedicated to handling shipping claims with the diligence and professionalism that’s required, from beginning to end.

The United Arab Emirates is a major hub for international maritime trade and transportation connecting the Middle East to the rest of the world. Therefore, our firm is committed to providing dependable and effective legal services in this niche sector, giving our customers the legal backing, they need to face marine problems and safeguard their interests.

All aspects of admiralty and shipping in the United Arab Emirates are governed by the UAE Maritime Code, commonly known as UAE Federal Law No. 26 of 1981. This law is in line with contemporary maritime standards and addresses a wide range of issues in UAE maritime law. It establishes a regulatory framework for all maritime activity inside the country’s borders.

Many different topics are covered and regulated by the UAE Maritime Code.

  1. to have fishing boats registered and licensed.
  2. Vessels must be registered and owned.
  3. Ship registration and financing
  4. Seizure and arrest on mortgaged vessels
  5. Freight and container transportation
  6. Identifying the ship and its crew.
  7. Maritime debt.
  8. Incidents at sea.
  9. Insurance for ships and shipping
  10. Maritime accident compensation
  11. marine pollution.

     12 Goods transportation agreements.

  1. Transport-related product damage
  2. Misplaced or lost objects, number
  3. Vessel chartering

To guarantee suitable legal structures and procedures are in place for maritime activities and to defend the rights and interests of all parties involved, the UAE Maritime Code covers and regulates such subjects.

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