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How to vacate an absconding case in the UAE?

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The Labour laws have very strict framework in the UAE.An employer can legally file an absconding case against his/her employee. It can be difficult to negotiate with your UAE employer to drop an absconding case and reduce overstay charges. You can take the following broad measures:

  1. Be upfront with your employer and explain the situation, expressing your willingness to work together to find a solution. Overstay fees and the absconding case should be discussed, along with your willingness to work toward a compromise.
  1. Ask for your employer’s help: Ask for your employer’s assistance in solving the case of your disappearance and lowering the penalties for your overstay. Justify your actions by detailing any mitigating factors and providing any relevant paperwork to back up your claims.
  1. If you and your employer are unable to come to an agreement, step three is to bring in a mediator or a labor attorney. They can assist negotiate a solution that all sides are happy with.
  1. Overstay fees can be expensive, so propose a repayment plan to your company. Talk about the options available, such as making smaller payments over time or negotiating a lower total cost. Give guarantees that you will pay all your bills on time.
  1. Seek legal counsel if your employer refuses to negotiate in good faith or if you have trouble coming to an arrangement with them. Talk to a labor attorney so you may get advice tailored to your situation and the regulations of the UAE that apply to your workplace.

If you have exhausted all other avenues for resolving the issue, including negotiation and the judicial system, you may seek help from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Labor issues are dealt with by specialized departments. Take your case to the appropriate division, back it up with paperwork, and ask for help fixing it.

It’s important to keep in mind that the procedure and the result may change depending on the specifics of your situation and your company’s regulations. In order to get up-to-date, correct guidance that applies to your specific circumstances, it is essential to speak with our legal specialists or labor authorities versed with UAE labor regulations.

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