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What is next after UAE visa cancellation?

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Visa cancellation in the United Arab Emirates often results in a grace period during which the visa holder can remain in the country legally before being required to leave. The length of this buffer zone varies with each type of visa and its associated circumstances. Here are some broad rules to follow if you need to extend your stay in the UAE after your visa has been canceled:

  1. if your employment visa is terminated, you may still be able to stay in the country for up to 30 days following the termination date. They can use this time to finalize loose ends, attend to any outstanding business, and set things in motion before they go., if you continue to overstay you attract a fine of AED 100 for the first day and AED 25 for each day thereafter till you exit or amend your visa status.
  2. Cancellation of a Residence Visa for Non-Employment Reasons: – Different policies exist regarding the grace period for people whose residence visa is being revoked due to factors other than employment cessation, such as family sponsorship or property ownership. For more information on the precise grace period applicable in such circumstances, it is recommended to contact the appropriate authorities, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

There may be financial and legal repercussions for overstaying a visitor’s visa over the allotted grace period. Fines, limits on re-entry into the UAE, and future visa application issues are all possible consequences of overstaying.

Exit preparations

During the grace period, persons should finalize their exit preparations. This usually entails returning any relevant Emirates ID cards, shutting any relevant bank accounts, giving notice to vacate any relevant rental agreements, and paying off any relevant debts or obligations.

To make sure you’re in compliance with UAE immigration requirements and to find out the precise grace period that applies to you, it’s important to speak with the appropriate authorities or seek the advice of an attorney. Because immigration regulations and laws are subject to change, it is important to always rely on the most recent information available from official sources.

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