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Real Estate Disputes in Ajman

Real Estate Disputes in Ajman-3a global legal consultants in the UAE

There may be complications and disagreements in Ajman real estate transactions, but they can usually be resolved efficiently and peacefully outside of court. A specialized service for real estate dispute resolution is available from the AjmanRe Department to handle such matters. In this article, we will explore the specific steps and necessities for settling a property dispute in Ajman.

Ajman Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Disputes involving real estate in Ajman can be quickly and easily resolved through the simplified AjmanRe network.

– The goal of this service is to help parties reach mutually agreeable agreements without resorting to court intervention.

Documents Needed For ajman Realestate Dispute resolution

For individuals

  • Copy of the sale and purchase contract
  • Copy of payment receipts (if any)
  • Valid ID (Passport/ID)
  • Legal agency certification for the owner
  • Any other supporting documents/correspondence
  • Original ownership certificate or title deed

For Businesses

  • Papers that are analogous to those used by people
  • Licenses and contracts for establishments and businesses
Steps in the Process

1. Submit the application request and any supporting papers using the AjmanRe e-services portal to start the procedure.

2. Review and Approval: The application will be reviewed and approved by the relevant divisions of the AjmanRe Department.

3. Fee Payment: The amount and type of the dispute will dictate the fees that are due in order to register the complaint.

4. The complaint will be revised one last time by the relevant department.

5. Once the issue has been resolved, the complaint will be formally closed.

Cost of Services
  • Disputes between real estate developers and buyers incur a fee of AED 300 for complaint registration.
  • For disputes involving real estate offices or against them:
  • AED 100 for disputed amounts up to AED 5,000.
  • AED 500 for disputed amounts exceeding AED 5,000.

People and companies can get through the Ajman real estate dispute resolution procedure quickly and easily if they follow these steps and provide the required documentation.

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