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Ownership registration for heirs in Dubai

Ownership registration for heirs in Dubai-3a global legal consultants-uae

A Guide to Registering an Heir’s Property in Dubai

The property registration process in Dubai is simplified because of strong legal framework and thriving real estate industry, providing investors with transparency and peace of mind. The role of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in easing the registration procedure for heir’s property in Dubai, which is shared among family members, is crucial.

The Property of an Heir

Assets that are passed down through spouses, children, and grandchildren without a clear and uncontested title are called “heir’s property.” – Owning and making decisions on such properties in Dubai might be complicated.

Dubai Heir Ownership Registration Service Details

To help with the Decree of Distribution process of transferring property ownership from a deceased individual to their heirs, the DLD provides a service for heirs’ ownership registration applications in Dubai.

Documents Needed

Acquire the required paperwork and verify ownership before beginning the registration process.

  1. Decree of Distribution
  2. Copies of Emirates ID for all heirs.
  3. Copies of valid passports for non-resident heirs
  4. No Objection Letter (NOC) from the banks (if applicable)
  5. Letter from Dubai Courts or other relevant authorities indicating the property transfer to heirs
Application Process

Applying at one of DLD’s Real Estate Services Trustee Centers will go more smoothly if you follow these steps.

  1. submit all necessary documents for inspection.
  2. A center employee enters the transaction details into the system.
  3. Payment: Get a receipt after paying the required fees.
  4. the transaction is audited and approved.
  5. after everything is finished, you will receive the title deed and the map by email.
Services Fee For Heir Property Registration

The following are the service fees for heir property registration through DLD.

  1. AED 1,000 for each property collected from heirs.
  2. AED 250 for issuing title deed
    Various fees for land maps and drawings.
  3. AED 130 + VAT for Service Partner Fee.

    Payment for the service must be made in cash.

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