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Medical negligence-Legal Options in UAE Law


Patients may suffer bodily pain, mental anguish, and financial hardships as a result of medical negligence. Negligent actions or inactions that have negative consequences for patients. Misdiagnosis, drug errors, and sloppy record-keeping are just a few examples of the kinds of medical blunders that can arise due to a lack of proper communication between healthcare providers.

Some medical negligence have no long-term consequences, while others can leave patients permanently disabled or even dead. Operating on the wrong portion of the body, giving the wrong drug, or missing a life-threatening diagnosis are all examples of catastrophic medical mistakes.

Various legal systems, especially those in Western countries, have created methods to deal with medical mistakes and compensate people who have been harmed as a result. Patients who suffer harm because of a doctor’s mistake can file a medical malpractice suit in many Western countries.

Federal Law No. 4 of 2016 on Medical Liability lays out the legal framework for handling medical negligence in the United Arab Emirates. The Medical Liability Committee is the government agency with jurisdiction over whether or not a medical error has occurred under this statute. A patient or their legal representative can appeal the committee’s judgment to the Higher Medical Committee.

If the patient or their heirs suffer harm because of a doctor’s mistake, they may file a lawsuit to recover financial damages. In the United Arab Emirates, the court system determines the amount of compensation based on the seriousness of the error and the patient’s suffering. The injured party may be compensated for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Vicarious liability allows patients to sue healthcare providers and hospitals for compensation when they suffer harm as a result of the negligence of those institutions. According to this notion, businesses must answer for their workers’ actions when they are on the clock. When a healthcare provider acts as an agent of a hospital or clinic and makes a medical error, the hospital or clinic might be held liable for the patient’s losses.

Medical mistakes can result in criminal penalties as well as civil liability. Any physical harm done to a patient is considered an assault under the UAE Penal Code and is punishable by law. The healthcare provider’s intent, the severity of the harm caused, and the degree of negligence all play a role in determining the severity of the punishment.

Medical professionals who cause harm on purpose are subject to assault charges, which can result in jail time and fines. Medical malpractice accusations can result in fines and the suspension or revocation of a doctor’s license if patients suffer injury as a result of substandard care.

In conclusion, patients are at serious danger from and may have permanent repercussions from medical mistakes. In light of the fact that medical malpractice laws vary from country to country, it is essential that patients understand their rights and choices for pursuing compensation. If a patient suffers harm as a result of a doctor’s mistake in the United Arab Emirates, he or she may file a lawsuit seeking compensation. The error’s seriousness and the patient’s resulting losses will dictate the amount of compensation granted.

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