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How to draft a Will in the UAE?


In order to safeguard and distribute assets in accordance with one’s desires, it is crucial to draft a well-prepared will in the UAE. Having a thorough last will and testament is crucial for avoiding family disputes. With the help of 3A Legal consultants who focus on detailed and personalized wills, clients can feel confident as they navigate this crucial step of leaving a lasting legacy.

The Significance of Having a Will in the UAE

A well-crafted will is essential for the protection and distribution of assets in the UAE due to  its distinct legal system.

3A Legal consultants are experts in creating accurate and personalized wills, and we are  here to help you through this crucial procedure.

The inheritance laws of the United Arab Emirates

Inheritance rules in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are based on Sharia law, which is very different from Western countries’ approaches.

A Non-Muslims have the option to conform their wills to the laws of their own country by having them formally prepared.

Different Forms of UAE Wills

Two choices are available to expats

a comprehensive will that covers everything in one document and a mirror will that shows similar provisions for each person.

Think about what will happen if one or both of them passes away, particularly in cases where children are involved.

The Essential Elements of Will Drafting in the UAE

  1. Verification of identity: complete name, country, and Emirates ID or passport number.
  2. To prevent disputes, prior wills can be revoked.
  3. The appointment of an executor or executors, along with their complete identities and contact information.
  4. Information on the beneficiaries and the percentages they own.
  5. Provisions pertaining to the guardianship of minors, including housing and educational matters.
  6. The identity and mental ability of the testator must be confirmed by at least two independent witnesses.
  7. Particular bequests for objects or sentimental things.
  8. The allocation of remaining assets.
  9. The witness(es) and testator(es) must sign each page with their complete names and identification numbers.

How to Register Your Will: Steps and Where to Do It ?

1.Non-Muslim expats living in Dubai can use the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry, which records their assets both in the UAE and abroad.

2.The Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department (ADJD) Wills Registry oversees the specific assets and personal affairs of non-Muslim expatriates in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

3.Ras Al Khaimah Courts are responsible for determining whether or not a will made by an expat living in the emirate can be enforced.

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